Festival Radio Vocarska

Radio Vocarska

From February to April 2022, the festival of radio drama and radio theater for babies and children called Radio Voćarska was held in Zagreb. As part of the festival, six radio plays for babies and children, eight workshops for babies and children, a temporary radio broadcasting, a media literacy education in cooperation with Vladimir Nazor elementary school, as well as a large number of special programs were held. The program enabled RadioTeatar to show entire spectrum of our activities and to mobilize the local community, i.e. the neighborhood. Kindergartens and schools, as well as neighbors, actively participated in our programs, as active participants, especially in community radio broadcasting. The program was visited by over 820 people of all ages, and 38 artists and collaborators participated. We performed 7 performances, 4 workshops, 10 listening rooms, radio plays and sound walks, and produced 12 hours of diverse radio programming.

During this festival we've invited all babies, children, young or not-so-young individuals, and all neighbors with silver hair to join our theatrical-radio flying circus that will run from February to April 2023. In the 10th year since the inception of RadioTeatar (with the premiere of the play "HOERSPIEL: a little game for listening (and watching)", there is a growing number of authors, performers, titles, and audiences involved in the development of this open radiotheatrical form.

Drawing inspiration from the heritage of Zvonimir Bajsić's radio and theater opus (who spent most of his life in the immediate vicinity of Voćarska Street where the festival was based - hence the name: Radio Voćarska), RadioTeatar has been taking a step further over the years, developing a unique form of artistic intervention on the airwaves and the theater stage, in nature, and in unexpected performance spaces. All the while ensuring that our desire for exploration remains a prerequisite.

Our goal is, in a time of powerful and fast visual attractions, to encourage a return to concentrated listening. Just like a baby in the mother's womb listens attentively to the universe coming from the outside, to which it will soon be born.

From the very beginning, RadioTeatar's audience has included people of all generations, and we are very proud of that. With the program RADIO VOĆARSKA, we aim to get even closer to the neighborhood, involve it in our work, and create temporary, entirely new, viewer-listener communities of all generations.