B-AIR on the WHO Meeting on Music and Motherhood

Saša Rakef Perko represents B-AIR on the international conference Music and motherhood: health care innovation through the arts, organised by the World Health Organization.


WHO meeting on music and motherhood: health care innovation through the arts

The BCI Unit at the WHO Regional Office for Europe is hosting a one-day meeting dedicated to the role of the arts in health care, featuring a multi-country pilot study called "Music and Motherhood". The event is a collaboration with the Jameel Arts and Health Lab and supported by Central Denmark Region.

Interweaving music, live sketches, poetry, and arts breaks in between panel session, presentations, and collaborative group discussions, the meeting will deep dive into the potential for culture and the arts in supporting health systems and improving health and wellbeing.

Participants include cultural and health policy makers, global experts in the field, project partners, and of course, arts practitioners: from musicians to visual artists, from dancers to poets and hospital clowns!

A part of the programme will focus on “Music and Motherhood” – a multi-country, WHO-led implementation study of an arts intervention supporting mothers who experience post-partum depression. Built around group singing sessions specifically designed for affected mothers, the project was conducted in three WHO Europe Member States (Romania, Italy and Denmark) to determine the feasibility of implementing the intervention in other cultural contexts.

The objectives of this meeting are to:

  • showcase the results of the “Music and Motherhood” implementation study and the resultant thinking tool, designed to help implement arts and health projects in different contexts;
  • discuss the barriers and drivers to promote arts participation as a health behaviour; and
  • illustrate how member states are using social prescribing as a mechanism to integrate arts activities and interventions into their health systems.

This event is invite-only, so the involvement of the B-AIR project comes as both an honour and a privilege.

Saša Rakef Perko at the WHO Meeting on Music and Motherhood