Sound Lifeline research presented at the conference on Culture, History, Art and Design in Prague, June 2023

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Lejla Odobasic Novo presented "Sound Life Line: Sarajevo under the siege, a city reconfigured through sonic experience" at the at the conference on Culture, History, Art and Design in Prague, June 2023. The conference was organized by the AMPS_Architecture_Media_Politics Society.

About the conference:

What we mean by heritage today then, is an open and diverse question. Our buildings and environments, our cities and neighborhoods, our memorials and our artworks, our cultures and communities are all component parts of what we understand as ‘preservable’ history. The dynamics at play are, however, complex. Conserving architectural heritage can conflict with development models. Community traditions are threatened by globalization. Monuments are often focal points for cultural contestation. Archaeological sites are valued in themselves and simultaneously erased by both the forces of conflict and ‘progress’. Digital models and modes of experience both attract a new audience and can alienate an older one.

However, the past and the present also overlap and mutually support. Placemaking sees built and cultural heritage as key to urban practice. Contextualization is central to planning laws. Museums are sites for communities and display. Digital modelling can be the only way to fully experience an ancient object or archeological site. Galleries present historical art while debating meanings in contemporary terms.

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