Hospital Radio

Hospital radio is created for toddlers, children and youth staying in the hospital environment for various health reasons, for shorter or longer periods of time.

Kaja is going to the hospital - with a bunny!

Hospital Radio is intended for toddlers, children and adolescents who for various medical reasons visit the hospital for a short or long period of time. The carefully curated artistic content has been selected to make their stay in the hospital environment easier and reduce worry and tension. The site contains artistic, entertaining, educational and other content that can be calming and supportive to children during hospitalization, as well as helping them cope with, learn about, and understand what is going on during hospital stay.

The proposal for the Hospital Radio concept was given by the neuropediatrician, chief physician Igor Mihael Ravnik based on his extensive and valuable work experience and network. Radio Slovenia realized it with the cooperation of the University Children's Hospital Ljubljana management, expert director doc. dr. Marko Pokorn, dr. med., and doc. dr. Klemen Dovč from the clinical department of endocrinology, diabetes and digestive diseases. The Hospital Radio is thus created together with the Children's Hospital, the hospital's school and kindergarten, experts from various scientific fields, and artists and artistic organizations, all contributing their knowledge and art to the broadcast.