Walter Benjamin, the Radio and the Childhood

Revisiting Benjamin's writings and radio plays in view of today's radio

Walter Benjamin

Walter Benjamin wrote on radio and for the radio. In the late 1920s, he worked for public radio in Berlin and Frankfurt. He loved the popular dimension of this new media with endless possibilities, including that of staging everyday life. In particular, he has produced a series of programs “for children”, which are equally aimed at adults. The radio was for Benjamin the place par excellence of practical application of his reflections on the means of technical reproducibility. He even sketched a theory of radio. We propose to revisit Benjamin's writings and radio plays to question the uses and potentials of radio today as part of our research group.

Walter Benjamin, the Radio and the Childhood

Portbou, Spain, September 29-30th, 2021: International seminar held in Portbou (Spain), gathering researchers in literature, sound arts, social sciences, philosophy etc. to talk about the works of Walter Benjamin in the field of radio-diffusion and childhood

The end of an era

An audio-walk composition by Dana Papachristou and Yorgos Samantas

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