Sound Life Line

Research into sound trauma and practices of sonic remembering exploring the modes of dealing with war trauma through sonic remembering.

Sound Life Line_1.png

Psychological trauma is not caused by sound; however, sound often plays a prominent role within the intersensorial assault within which people in wartime witness traumatic and traumatizing events, and as such serves as a prominent trigger of the symptoms commonly gathered under the label of post-traumatic stress. In the aftermath of violence, sound has the ability to carry within it the totality of traumatic memory, which can then be released upon the witness’s consciousness with all the immediacy of the unmediated experience at the moment of audition.
The research is further developed through artistic creation of the electro acoustic installation entitled “Symphony of the Siege” and an accompanying documentary which presents the testimony of fifteen survivors. The research, documentary and the testimonies inform and complete each other in order to create a true research to artistic production and vice versa.
The research will be disseminated through an academic paper, a conference and an exhibition at the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Project Concept and Coordinator Lejla Odobašić Novo, International Burch University (IBU)
Lead Research: Lejla Odobašić Novo, International Burch University (IBU)
Research Collaborators: Adnan Novalić (IBU), Haris Sahačić
Expert Collaborators: Mirsada Zeco (UNSA)

Interviews done with: Enrico Dagnino, Husein Mahmutović, Adi Sarajlić, Dina Memić, Mirza Ćorić, Enes Zlatar (Bure), Adela Jusić, Paul Lowe, Nermina Zildžo, Nihad Kreševljaković, Zoran Doršner, Džemil Hodžić, Sabina Tanović, Mirsad Tukić, Nihad Čengić