Audibility: Public Discussion

Deaf Art: Artistic genealogy, anthropology, and the radio.

A public dissemination event addressed to the Greek Deaf community, Deaf-and-hard-of-hearing education experts, artists, musicians, and other local stakeholders.

Presenters introduce the various folds of “Audibility” project -namely, its research, educational, artistic making, ethnography, and the radiophonic facets. After an introductory opening by TWIXTlab members Yorgos Samantas (Audibility coordinator) and Eugenia Vacalopoulou (TWIXTlab webradio coordinator), keynote speaker Ourania Anastasiadou shapes out the genealogy of Deaf art, from the 16th century visual representations of deafness and sign language, to the Civil Rights Movement, and to the contemporary Greek scene. Social anthropologist Panayotis Panopoulos provides anthropological perspectives from his field-work engagement with Deaf communities, Deaf artists, and Sign languages, focusing on the critical tensions between visibility and audibility, and deconstructing several commonplace stereotypes in regards with the Deaf experience with sound and voice. Dana Papachristou lays out the educational infrastructure of the project, the benefits of musical education for both hearing and Deaf students, and the interventional character of the endeavor, concerned with the exclusion of the Deaf from those artistic domains. Invited artists Tatiana Remoundou and Lambros Pigounis address their own approaches on making art, not only with aesthetic value but with the potential to generate mutual understanding on sound and hearing, the corporeal engagement with sound, and alternative access to sound stimuli.

Speakers (in order of appearance):

  • Yorgos Samantas (TWIXTlab, anthropologist/sound designer, Audibility coordinator)
  • Eugenia Vacalopoulou (TWIXTlab, physicist, curator of TWIXTlab radio)
  • Ourania Anastasiadou (Athens School of Fine Arts, visual artist/curator, Accessible Education Department)
  • Panayotis Panopoulos (University of the Aegean, anthropologist, scientific advisor for Audibility)
  • Dana Papachristou (University of Thessaly, composer/musicologist, educational coordinator)
  • Tatiana Remoundou (visual/video artist, educator, collaborating artist)
  • Lambros Pigounis (sound artist/musician, collaborating artist)

With the additional financial support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports.

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